Why Pray in Latin?

Christ teaching us Latin
Latin is a Sacred Language
  • The Latin language was consecrated at the Passion by its mystic inscription on the Cross.
    • “From the first four centuries, no liturgy can be shown to be composed in any other language other than the three languages from the inscription on the Cross.” (Gihr) 
    • Christ Himself prayed in non-vernacular ancient Hebrew, used almost exclusively in rabbinical temple worship. 
  • The Latin language…has been consecrated through constant use by the Apostolic see, the mother and teacher of all Churches.” – Pope St John XXIII, Veterum Sapientia, 1962.
    • To consecrate by definition means “to make holy”; in a similar manner bread and wine are consecrated when they become the Body and Blood of Christ.
  • The Latin language was sanctified by the usage of nearly 2000 years, and it was most closely interwoven with the primitive Roman Catholic liturgy (Gihr).
    • Sacraments and sacramentals are made holy by the prayer of the priest such as the exorcizing and blessing of an object. The Latin language similarly is in itself as a language holy, sacred, and thereby brings great favor with God. 
  • The most ancient custom of the Church agrees. For in the whole East no ancient liturgy is found except in Greek or Aramaic, while in the whole West there are no ancient liturgies except in Latin” (St Robert Bellarmine, On the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass)