How to Pray in Latin

Praying in Sacred Language

To start learning how to pray in Latin, the Rosary is a great place to start. Learning how to pray these few most familiar prayers needed for the Rosary in Latin is not difficult. The the more you practice in prayer the more natural and even second nature it becomes.

If you are starting from scratch, it’s best to learn and practice the pronunciations. Begin by learning the shortest prayers first (Sign of the Cross, Glory Be, Hail Mary, etc.). You can also listen to the audio versions of many prayers on the online Latin Prayer Book pageThe Rosary page also has videos under each prayer to specifically aid in learning the prayers of the holy Rosary along with their pronunciations. 

Many faithful Catholics pray the Holy Rosary every day. In response to Our Lady of Fatima’s request, if you pray a Rosary in Latin each day, you will end up memorizing it very quickly and will eventually be able to pray it in the same length of time as you would in your native tongue. 

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